R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book

"​R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book is a fun book, beautifully illustrated and the perfect gift idea for our rugby community to share our great sport with a new generation of rugby players! 'E is for Excellent' and 'P is for Petri!'"

-  Nigel Melville, Former USA Rugby CEO & England Rugby Captain (1984-1988)
R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book is the perfect introduction to the fastest growing team sport in America.  Mike Petri has written an 
inspirational and fun to read children’s book.  As a current USA Eagles scrum-half, high school teacher, and parent he is the perfect role model for those participating and wanting to learn about Rugby.  As a father, I recommend this book to parents and kids of all ages who will certainly learn a thing or two about this incredible game." 

- Daniel Glantz, Global Head of Sponsorship, AIG  

"I am excited to read this ABC book that introduces girls and boys to the great sport of rugby.  The clever rhymes and detailed illustrations provide a fun way to encourage learning.  This book clearly portrays teamwork and sportsmanship to children.  It provides the perfect setting to introduce and explain new vocabulary.  An excellent book to promote reading and sports that I will use in my classroom and would recommend for use in other schools, as well.  Awesome read for children and adults over and over again!"

- Clair Marquino, New York State Certified Elementary School Teacher (Reading Recovery Certified) & Mother of a Young Daughter

"Mike Petri gives chapter and verse on why rugby should appeal to all children.  A is for 'assuredly', 'B is for 'brought out', C is for 'come the day my daughters play their first game of touch'.  A delightful book indeed."

- Martin Pengelly, Weekend Editor, Guardian US

"As a father, USA Rugby player, and youth rugby coach, Mike Petri's R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book is a children's rugby book I have been waiting for.  The book is easy to understand, colorful, and fun for both parents and kids alike.  As a passionate rugby player looking to grow the game in the USA, we need to get this book in as many households as possible!  I strongly recommend this book - great job, Mike Petri!"

 - Troy Hall, USA Men's National Rugby Team 15s and 7s & Youth Development and High Performance Director, Rugby Oregon

"R is for rugby is the perfect book for introducing children to the game of rugby.  The book uses clever rhymes to teach kids about rugby vocabulary using the letters of the alphabet.  The colorful illustrations feature boys and girls playing rugby and accompany the text perfectly.  Being a rugby administrator for many years, I am thrilled to see a book like this.  I can picture parents sitting down with their children and reading this book together, passing down their love for the game.  I must commend Mike Petri for putting together and showcasing all the wonderful, positive aspects of rugby.  It is great to see a publication that showcases both boys and girls playing this sport.  As a rugby administrator, I would use it as a resource for growing the game and promoting it to parents wanting to introduce their kids to rugby.  This book should be next to other children's books that teach children about other sports.  I would recommend this book for anyone looking to offer their son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece, nephew, friend, or neighbor an educational experience and introduction to the sport."

- Erin Kennedy, Project Coordinator, International Olympic Committee (IOC)   

"This book is a must have for any rugby player and the perfect gift for all those family members who may not understand what is happening on the field.  Mike has captured the fun, culture, and diversity of rugby in a way that will entertain the youngest of children, their parents, and their grandparents.  We can't say enough about the importance of getting kids involved in sports at a young age and this book now brings rugby to that table."

Kurt Weaver, Youth and High School Director, USA Rugby

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Reviews for ​R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book