Join up with USA Eagle, Mike Petri, and use R is for Rugby 

as a "FUN" and "EASY" way to raise money and GROW THE GAME!


How does it work?  

Contact Mike and Lauren Petri using the CONTACT form on this website or email them at RisForRugby@gmail.com to get started!  Many of our campaigns bulk order books to take in-person orders directly from supporters and also simultaneously have us set up a customized ONLINE STORE for them using Square Marketplace so as to reach a broader network.  The goal is to make it as easy, and successful as possible for your team.  However, each fundraising effort is unique.  Therefore, we handle each endeavor on a case by case basis and work together with you to create a plan to ensure that the campaign is as easy, seamless, and successful as possible.  It is worth noting that in this fundraiser YOU set your own price for the book!  (Click here for a sample of an online store webpage!)

Are there any up front costs or fees?

No, there are no up front costs or fees.  However, many programs place up front bulk orders to coincide with an event or a tournament they plan to host.

How long does a typical fundraiser last? 
We work with you to establish an agreeable time frame that does surpass 18 days in total.

Can we run a second round of fundraising?

Of course!  Once the first fundraiser time frame has expired and the transaction is completed we can simply re-start the process whenever you're ready.  We have had several teams and organizations run multiple rounds of fundraising throughout the year.


We want to thank Mike for generously lending us his R is for Rugby book as part of a USA WNT Fundraiser!  It was super easy to do.  Everything was done online so all we had to do was spread the word and he and Lauren handled the rest.  It would a big success because how could you not love this adorable book?!  Everyone I knew with a little one wanted a copy.  Plus, it was awesome knowing that we were helping to inspire the next generation of  rugby players! - Jenny, USA Eagles Women's National Team Player

Working with the R is for Rugby team is such a great experience. They were very professional and made themselves available for any questions. The book is also a great fundraising tool for our team. We bought extra copies and are still selling them!   I found it very easy to get the rest of the club involved.  Many of our girls bought multiple copies as gifts.  We also sell them at all of our team events and people are interested in the books.  We look forward to keep working with them for more fundraising!  - Lauren, Fundraising Chair, Hartford Roses Rugby Club

R is for Rugby was the perfect first fundraiser for our brand new team! Through the pre-order process, we avoided the cost of having to front money, (that frankly, we didn't have), in order to make money. We were able to set our own price point, and when the orders were submitted, we received our product in full in a matter of days. The entire process was quick and so simple to execute with the help of Mike and Lauren. With the proceeds, we were able to accommodate all of our players entry into summer tournaments to make sure everyone had a chance to play. In addition, we were able to interact with the parents and players in our expansive youth rugby program and raise awareness for Union rugby  in the local community.   - Anna, Fundraising Chair,  Union County Mudturtles RFC

Fundraising with R is for Rugby was simple and fun for Michigan Women's Rugby! The online order feature meant that even our farthest fans were still able to support the team, we were able to pick our own sale price, and Mike was always quick to answer questions and help us out with every aspect of the sale process. Fans young and old loved the novelty of the book - we look forward to working with R is for Rugby again in the future to grow the game of rugby in the Ann Arbor community! -Vicky, Fundraising Chair, University of Michigan Women's RFC

​The entire process was extremely easy and straightforward.  Mike and Lauren have been very accommodating through everything. "R is for Rugby" is a great product and the process has been enjoyable as well.  - Ally, Vice President, Temple University Women's RFC

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