R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book

Mike would like to thank Max Thompson for his creativity and amazing illustrations that perfectly compliment the rhymes. Additionally, thanks to Daniel Glantz and AIG, Leon Kirkbeck and Johnny Brock at Augusto, Louise Kellerman, Steve Passiouras at Bookow.comDan Gearity, and USA Rugby for all their contributions to this endeavor.  Mike would also like to thank his wife, Lauren, for her endless love and support and his daughter, Evie, for being his inspiration to write this children's book.

‚ÄčWith more than 2.3 million players in over 100 countries across six continents, rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world.  It is also the fastest growing team sport for children ages six through twelve in the United States according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association and Inc.com.  Its variant, rugby 7s, is also the hottest new sport to be included in the Olympic Games.

R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book takes readers on a learning adventure through the alphabet to explore this incredible game.  Each letter offers an opportunity to discover positions, tactics, and terminology that will make even non-ruggers want to lace up their boots! 

As a rugby player, a teacher, a coach, and a father, Mike hopes that this book can give back to a sport that has given him so much throughout his life.  His goal for this book is to grow the sport by providing an opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect with their children and foster fundamental reading skills by sharing the greatest game in the world. 

Featured Author: Mike Petri

R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book is Mike's debut children's book.  When his wife, Lauren, was pregnant with their daughter browsing children's books became a regular occurrence.  They looked for books that were fun, would teach her valuable life lessons, and also ones that would allow them to share aspects of their own lives with her.  Mike wanted to share the game of rugby with her and this idea is what sparked a fun project that transformed into something bigger!  He began writing rhymes and illustration ideas on the subway during his commute from his native Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to work as a science and math teacher in New York City at Xavier High School.  With encouragement from his wife the ideas and rhymes written on the N train blossomed into a physical, hardcover, vividly illustrated, rhyming picture book that both children and adults can enjoy. 

Mike has a degree in Life Science and a minor in Business from Penn State University and a Master's in Secondary Science Education from St. Joseph's University.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Lauren, and two daughters.  His favorite part of the day is story time before bed with his daughters and he hopes that this book can become a regular in your family's stories as it has become in his.