R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book

Written by USA Men's National Team Player, Mike Petri, R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book takes readers on a learning adventure through the alphabet to explore the fastest growing youth team sport in the United States!

Each letter offers an opportunity to discover positions, tactics, and terminology that will make even non-ruggers want to lace up their boots! Order your copy today and join our global rugby family of more than 2.3 million players in over 100 countries across six continents!

R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book

- Excerpt from R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book

Mike Petri is an international rugby player for the USA Eagles National Rugby Team.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Mike made his senior USA debut in 2007 at the Rugby World Cup in France and earned over 50 test caps for the USA, which includes competing in three Rugby World Cup Tournaments.  A graduate of Penn State University, he currently resides in New York City with his family where he teaches math and science and coaches rugby at Xavier High School, runs youth rugby camps and fitness camps, and is captain of the New York Athletic Club rugby team.  

Meet Mike Petri

R is for rugby,

a gentleman's game.

A school boy in England

gave rugby its fame.