The ball is thrown in

when it goes out of bounds.

They lift the tall locks

​way up off the ground!

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R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book

Lace up your boots with USA Rugby athlete Mike Petri and join us on a learning adventure through the alphabet to explore the fastest growing youth team sport in the United States! 

Order your copy on AMAZON or SQUARE and join our global rugby family of more than 2.3 million players in over 100 countries across six continents!

 Find the perfect gift in our Rugby Shop to grow our game and welcome your loved ones to our rugby family.

- excerpt from R is for Rugby: An Alphabet Book

P is for Petri

Author, Teacher, Coach, Athlete, Father, Husband

Mike Petri was an international egg chaser for the USA.  Learn a bit more about Mike and his passion for growing the game of rugby.

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